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Equilytes® was originally formulated for race horses for rapid electrolyte replacement, so our patented blend absorbs immediately. All other brands take over eight hours to be absorbed by the gut. This also allows electrolyte absorption even during the athletic event, giving you that competitive edge when you need it! Studies have shown the use of Equilytes® effectively delays fatigue and prevents symptoms of muscle cramps. In a similar manner, a dose of Equilytes® before loading into trucks or trailers greatly assists the horse’s condition upon arrival at his event or feed 1 hour before the performance for great resuts.


*shipping in Canada, included in the price


High quality nylon
super resistant and soft at the same time

U.V proof and non toxic

Holes Dimensions

1 inch : Perfect for minis, ponies, chickens and horses. Perfect for horses who are taking weight too easily or are over weight. Not suitable for fine, short and compress hay.

1.5 inch : This is our most popular size for horses,donkeys, alpacas, llamas, goats, sheep. This size is great for all type hay and straw.

2 inch : Great for draft horses, warmblood and hard keepers. This is also a great option for working horses, older and younger horses, who require more hay intake. Best for the winter months. This size is great for all type of hay and straw.

2.5 inch : Great size for large breeds, older, younger horses but also for cows. Ideal for senior horses with dental issues. This is the perfect option if you want to control the waste without limiting your horse too much. Avoid using, fine, short hay or compressed bale with this hole size.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping in Canada for orders of 80$ or more

Return within 30 days, returns and storage fee applicable.

Care Instructions

Matter's hay nets does not require any special cares.

If the hay net is dirty and require a wash just wash with water

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  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping in Canada for order of 80$ or more

  • Christina Laverdiere

    I’m gonna give you some feedback on hay net, it is lovely. It’s been through four bales now and doesn’t have a hole in it whatsoever. Love it.In the last few years of buying hay net this is honestly the best one we’ve ever had.

  • Jaime Lynch Anderson

    We love our hay nets from you guys! It's the first one they haven't eaten a hole through. I will be ordering more shortly.

  • Kim Picard, Barrel racer

    The rings on the stall nets, make it so easy to fill the nets and to find the opening, which is a huge +, as I used to lose a lot of time to fill nets but not anymore.

    The large ring on the bottom is super helpful as well. Matter’s hay nets are my favourite nets.

  • Ryan Peterson

    I have a boarding facility and tried all the brand out there. These nets are the best by far and very reasonable price. I bought my first net 2 years ago, still in great condition. Thanks Sophie for the great service 👍

  • Sean Miller

    We bought 3 hay nets and they are great. Fast shipping, great price and really good quality.

    Highly recommend