Matter's Equine is an equestrian facility in Rockyview County providing lessons to all ages and abilities.

We also carry premium horse products. Our products are like nothing else on the market, we work hard to provide affordable prices and the best quality of services and products.

Less work, more time in the saddle

Matters hay nets are unique with a bigger opening of nets. This makes work way easier for horse owners.

Material stays soft and easy to use even in extreme cold weather. Our material is also very soft on the horse's gums and teeth which make them also unique and safe to use.

Nets are resistant and built to last.

  • Matter's horse program

    We work hard to be the best horse program in the Calgary area.

    Our priority is to provide high quality teaching.

    Progress is guaranteed in our program.

    We have students from Cochrane, Airdrie, Crossfield, all the way to S.E Calgary and are willing to do the extra mile to get the best quality of horses and coaches.

    Learn in a healthy, fun and professional environment.

    We are working as a team with our students to help them with their small or big goals.

  • Why should you be using a Matter's hay net ?

    Save up to 50% in hay cost.

    No more hay waste !
    Make sure your horse doesn't stick his head in the hay and breathe all the dust and allergens.
    Allow horses to eat at all times and buffer stomach acid to prevent ulcers.
    Provide a better general energy.

    No more aggressive animals at feeding time.

    Owning livestock has a lot of cost and we want to help our people by offering premium quality hay nets at super affordable prices. You won't find anything comparable on the market for quality and price.

  • Vetline equine product

    Matter's have multiple options to help your horse with any lungs issues.

    Asthma, coughing, bleeders, allergies, heaves...

    We have solutions that would reduce all symptoms and help to give your horse a better quality of life.

    We want to help horse owners with healthy, natural and drug free options.

    Approved and recommended by veterinarians.