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Round bale 5X5ft hay net

Round bale 5X5ft hay net

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The amazing Matter's equine hay nets are back in stock ! 

These nets are build to last and our users still have the same nets they bought 2 years ago.
Our product is nothing to compare with anything else on the market, we use a durable and premium quality of material, U.V proof, super soft for horse teeth and gum compared to other brands, knot less, the opening is very wide to make it way easier to install on the bale, our closing rope have flashy colours, so the rope is easier to identify when it time to install the net on a new bale and they are extreme cold weather proof, the hay nets will still be soft and easy to install in the winter time ! 

5X5ft hay net with 1.1 inch, 1.5 inch holes. Fits bale 5X5ft and smaller, fits bales up to 950 pounds !

You can choose your rope color and if you want a custom rope length, we can have the length of your choice or we will send you a 28ft rope with your net.

Help to save hay but also helps prevent and relieve respiratory issues, reduce inhalant allergies, reduce ulcers, reduce colic, cribbing, stall vices, stress & boredom. Most of all save you time, money and reduce considerable hay waste.

By slowing down the horse hay consumption we make sure the horse has a small amount of hay in his stomach and helps the digest system to work properly as a horse needs to eat 18 to 20 hours a day. Keeping your grassing animals contents with 24 hours forage and keeping a cleaner environment. 

If you wonder what is the correct hole size for your animal, please review the hole dimension chart on the bottom of this page. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us and we will assist you. 


  • Warning: Be careful with horned animals, horses with blankets, or non-breakaway halters. Nets may be used with shod horses but must be used with a hay ring that is flush with the ground or hung high enough so the horse cannot paw at it. Nets may be used with blankets as long as the buckles are covered or there is a barrier between the netted bale and the blanket. 


    Nylon de qualité supérieur

    Super résistant et maléable 

    U.V resistant et non toxic

    Dimension des ouvertures

    La grande majorité des chevaux requires des trou de 1.5 '' 

    Chevaux de trait, warmblood et chevaux agée qui ont de la difficulté à prendre du poid sont mieux avec des ouvetures de 2'' ou +

    Poney, ânes ou miniature : 1'' holes

    Expédition et retour

    Expédition gratuite partout au Canada

    30 jours pour tout retour. Des frais d'entreposage et de retour sont applicable.

    Expédition aux frais du consommateur pour retour et remboursement/échange sur produit en bon état seulement.

    Instructions et entretien

    Les filets à foin Matter's ne require aucun entretien spécial

    Si le filet est sale seulement nettoyer à l'eau

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    • Expédition gratuite

      Expédition gratuite partout au Canada
    • Christina Laverdiere

      I’m gonna give you some feedback on hay net, it is lovely. It’s been through four bales now and doesn’t have a hole in it whatsoever. Love it.In the last few years of buying hay net this is honestly the best one we’ve ever had.

    • Jaime Lynch Anderson

      We love our hay nets from you guys! It's the first one they haven't eaten a hole through. I will be ordering more shortly.

    • Kim Picard, Barrel racer

      The rings on the stall nets, make it so easy to fill the nets and to find the opening, which is a huge +, as I used to lose a lot of time to fill nets but not anymore.

      The large ring on the bottom is super helpful as well. Matter’s hay nets are my favourite nets.

    • Ryan Peterson

      I have a boarding facility and tried all the brand out there. These nets are the best by far and very reasonable price. I bought my first net 2 years ago, still in great condition. Thanks Sophie for the great service 👍

    • Sean Miller

      We bought 3 hay nets and they are great. Fast shipping, great price and really good quality.

      Highly recommend