Comment tout à commencé

Matter's est le résultat de beaucoup de travail et de temps afin de trouver le meilleur matériel et rendre le tout plus simple pour les propriétaires de chevaux.
Je suis propriétaire d'uneécurie de pension dans l'ouest canadien et les filets à foin sont essentiel pour aider à sauver du foin et avoir de chevaux heureux.
Je passait beaucoup de temps dans le passé à réparer des trous et perdait beaucoup de temps et d'argent. Les filets à foin Matter's ne sont rien comme les filets que j'utilisais auparavant. Matter's est le moderne et premium des filets à foin et unique sur le marché.

Prices and infos

At Matter's we offer private and semi-private lessons.

Every session is 1 hour.

For weekly students, private lessons are 75$ and semi-private lessons are 60$.

For Bi-weekly\drop in students, private lessons are 80$ and semi-privates 65$.

During the lessons we work on horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle. Understanding horse behaviors and learning their needs and how to communicate with them.

Horses are great to help build leadership and team work.

We work on managing emotions, caring for others being, communications skills, body language and much more.

We work on the basics in the saddle, work on different riding methods and for more experienced riders, how to train horses.

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What do I need to ride ?

Horse and equipment is included, you will only need a pair of jeans and boots. Ideally cowboy boots but to start,rain boots or small boots with heels work. After a few lessons, if you consider riding more, investing in some riding gear will help you to get better in the saddle.

Helmets are mandatory for 18 years old and under, 18 years old and older it's a personnal choice but you are encouraged to wear one.

We do provide helmets but you can also bring your own.

Please ensure to have closed toe shoes or boot, for your toes safety.

We are fully insured and our insurance required us to sign a waiver for understanding the risk of being around horses.

Safety is our priority !